At the Center for Acupuncture and Physical Therapy, the traditions of Eastern and Western Medicine 
come together. 
These complementary philosophies-the Eastern understanding of the mind-body 
connection and the Western 
knowledge of the structural organic body, enrich one another forming 
a more holistic approach. 

Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Herbs, Qi Gong, and Orthotics are among the modalities I may incorporate into 
treatment.  We work together to achieve the goals you have established.

We decide on which step in the process we will focus on, and which techniques to use.  Sessions are a process 
of working together. Communication on what is wanted or needed becomes a dynamic flow guiding our time together. 

We are a team, both bringing our expertise.  Mine in the work described, and yours in a willingness
to work toward change and to try new things.