I've been an acupuncture patient of Heather Chatfield for something like 20 years! Over the course of this time, I have seen her off and on for a variety of issues. Each time she has helped.

I came to her a while back because I was waking each morning with huge pain in my Achilles tendon, knees, and lower back. I felt like an old man going down stairs, having to grip both sides of the wall to ease myself down. Heather had me walk for her and examined the soles of my shoes. She saw clearly that there were problems in my posture and how my feet were hitting the ground.  

After diagnosing my specific problems, we tried correcting the issues with commercially available custom orthodics. While they helped relieve some of the problems, Heather complained that the company would not design them to deal with all the issues. On top of that, they wore out in less than a year, and as they were made of leather, took forever to dry if they got wet (from snow in boots or water in sandals). Needless to say, we were both disappointed in the product.

At this point, Heather told me she was going to launch her own line of orthodics, custom made out of a waterproof closed-cell foam, that would last longer and be able to address all the issues going on with my feet. I jumped at the chance to have her make these for me and have been pain free ever since. I wear these is every shoe, boot, sandal that I own and they are both comfortable and durable.  

I've tried many commercial orthodics, and other custom made orthodics, but none come close to providing the proper corrective fit Heather's orthodics provide. I would recommend Heather and her product to anyone who has suffered with walking/feet issues.

David Harris
Arlington, MA

I give Heather the highest recommendation for all her work and for the respectful and open integrity with which she gives it.

I have been seeing Heather to support my health for over 15 years. In that time my needs have ranged from times of severe illness to times when I just needed support to lift my energy. We have worked with most of the modalities she offers, each carefully chosen to meet my needs at that moment. With each I found great improvement. She is very clear about what she sees, but is always responsive to my needs and wants and never pushes her own agenda - and she has a great sense of humor. A rare healer offering a rare opportunity.